Selling Your Present Home

Price Your Home To Sell!

The housing market changes constantly. The price that your neighbour paid 2 years ago for the same house as yours may have no bearing on today’s value of your house. Sellers and buyers have their own unique reasons for agreeing on a price.

What you need to know is a “potential price range” for your home. Full-service real estate professionals can provide you with accurate data about property values, market trends, and an appropriate, competitive listing price for your home. Prospective purchasers will not only consider the features of your home, but they will compare it to other homes that are available to buy.

Help Sell Your Home!

The process of selling a home involves a partnership between you and the real estate professional. Not only is price important, but also so is appearance. The decision to purchase a home involves emotion. Buyers want to be impressed from the moment that they first see your house to the moment that they sign the offer.

Make sure your home is marketable. Maximize curb appeal by sprucing up landscaping, removing weeds off lawns and paved areas and painting exterior surfaces if necessary. De-clutter your home. Paint rooms that require it. Keep the air inside it fresh. Make certain that all rooms are tidy and organized. Keep pets away from prospective buyers during viewings.

Repair Damages And Deficiencies To Your Home!

Make a list of items and conditions that need to be repaired or corrected and fix them! If a light switch cover is cracked, replace it. If a pane of glass is broken, replace it. If water is seeping into the basement, correct it. If a faucet is dripping, replace the defective part.

It’s a good idea to retain the services of a home inspector before you list your home to identify damages and deficiencies that you may miss or consider unimportant. It’s better that you correct the deficiencies rather than risk a buyer being turned-off by a home that is “a project”.