Choosing the Right Lawyer

Lawyers are business people who provide a service rather than sell a product. Here are some Helpful Hints about hiring a lawyer:

  • Talk to a lawyer before agreeing to retain his or her services, not just the legal assistant
  • Describe to the lawyer what it is that you will be doing, when, and where
  • Ask the lawyer to provide you with a reasonable estimate of his or her fee, and the related legal expenses or disbursements that you could expect to pay
  • Ask the lawyer if he or she will meet with you when it is time to sign all of the papers
  • If the lawyer doesn’t ask you any questions, ask him or her if there is anything that he or she wishes to know
  • Don’t hire a lawyer only because his or her fee is lower than the other price quotes that you receive
  • Remember, you will retain a lawyer to provide you with legal advice, not just to process paperwork.

Domus Financial Corporation is proud to work with a number of experienced, knowledgeable and professional lawyers. We would be pleased to refer any one of them to you.